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Robert Hoheneder

Klang und Musik
Sound massage
Aquatische Körperarbeit
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according to Peter Hess®

Since the early eighties, the German engineering graduate (FH) in Physical Technology Peter Hess, born 1941, has been studying radiesthesia intensively. He did a series of investigations on places of force in Wales and in Nepal. Since 1984 he has been looking more and more into the effect that sound has on people. Based on his manifold experience with sound, particularly in Nepal and Tibet, he started to work with singing bowls. Investigations and experiments on the effect of traditional music on the human mind and body form the basis for sound massage. In the course of many years of practice, Peter Hess has adapted this knowledge to people in Western cultures. The result of this work is the sound massage according to Peter Hess®. In Uenzen/Northern Germany Peter Hess is manager of the Institute for Sound Massage Therapy, which is continuing to further develop the method of sound massage and passes on the experiences gained in seminars in Germany and abroad since 1986.


Sound massage is based on ancient knowledge concerning the effect of sounds that was applied in Indian healing therapy as long as more than 5000 years ago. According to Eastern ideas man was created out of sound, i.e. he is sound. If a human being is "in tune" with himself and his environment, then he or she is able to arrange his/her life freely and creatively.


Today, because of increased demand, there are only few antique singing bowls of good quality. Often new bowls can be found that neither correspond to the old metal alloy nor are fabricated in the traditional way. Since the start of 1990 Peter Hess has been trying to track down the knowledge covering the traditional composition and fabrication of singing bowls. He succeeded in early 1997 to revive the traditional fabrication of singing bowls in the old composition of 12 metals. These new singing bowls with the ACAMA® seal of quality, that are produced according to ancient tradition, guarantee constant quality throughout.


  • Fast achievement of deep relaxation, since the sounds appeal to a person’s original trust.
  • Gentle massage and harmonization of each individual body cell through sound/vibration.
  • Relief of tensions and blockages in the body.
  • The client experiences his body to be pleasantly light and vibrating freely.
  • Reinforcement of self-healing forces.
  • Positive influence on self-confidence, creativity and productive energy, attainment of renewed joie de vivre.
  • Letting go of old patterns– a new order can evolve.


Singing bowls are placed on and around the dressed body and tapped gently with a felt mallet. The calming harmonizing sounds as well as the gentle vibrations of the bowls induce a feeling of wellbeing and a very effective deep relaxation. There will be a talk before the massage about the client’s unique problems that need to be addressed. During the first stage the singing bowls will be played near the body, to make the client familiar with the sound. During the second stage, the bowls will be used directly at various Chakras and other body parts, like joints. A mix of sounds and vibrations helps the person to relax and unwind. During the last stage the bowls will surround the client. The client will rest for a while. This stage is important to end the massage and unfold its complete effect. A final talk will end the session.